Sunday, May 2, 2010

Blogging - Who Cares?

For a long time I've seen blogging as an exercise in narcissism. Maybe it is. After all, who is really interested in reading random thoughts from strangers (or friends even) about the happenings in their lives? I guess I never wanted to waste time reading the mundane, although I do exactly that all the time. LOL! Of course many blogs are well-written, insightful commentaries on culture and the state of our society. Although I'd like to think that my writing would fit into that lofty category, I have more realistic views. This probably won't be one of those most admirable blogs.

So why write then? I guess I write this in hopes of spurring thought in....well....anyone, and perhaps reading some others' thoughts posted back to me. Don't get me wrong. I'm not a lost soul adrift in a sea of human angst and anxiety looking for a guiding light. I think I have a pretty well-defined self view and world view, but I do enjoy hearing what others have to say. I welcome most discussions. Agreement and disagreement are of less importance than a willingness to actually have an open conversation with the goal of understanding another's point of view.

I chose the moniker, "The Mirthful Misfit" because it is an apt description of where I am in life. I'm happy that I don't fit many molds, that I am not readily identified with any specific group. I think when you adopt a label you are burdened with a lot of extra baggage in the form of people's expectations about what you should and shouldn't be. I think there are labels I would use for myself, but I know I can't (or won't) accept all the perceptions and misconceptions that go with those labels. So, I choose to remain "in between," a "misfit" who attempts to find reason and reasonable people in unreason-infested waters.

Nothing may come of this venture other than a few ramblings from my unconventional mind. That's okay. If nothing else, even without input from others, I guess I can enjoy this as an exercise in narcissism. I like to hear myself talk, so why not?

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